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Since its establishment, Cornerstone has been actively engaged in a variety of activities to preserve Madison’s outstanding architectural heritage. In 2009, Cornerstone members guided the effort to develop and present to the city a set of Residential and Commercial Design Guidelines for use in the Historic District. These Guidelines provide specific recommendations for maintaining the integrity of historic buildings.

Madison’s Common Council adopted the Guidelines and directed the Historic District Board of Review to use them in implementing the town’s Historic District Ordinance.  Through Cornerstone’s leadership, the Board was provided a framework for determining the conditions required to issue Certificates of Appropriateness.

Learn more about the City’s Historic District Ordinance, Guidelines and how Cornerstone can help you navigate an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness:

  • Madison’s Historic District Ordinance was enacted 1982 to protect the character of the town’s rich architectural legacy. The Office of Historic Preservation is the municipal department where residents can get information and assistance.
  • If you own property in the Historic District and plan to change the exterior of your building, either by adding to, renovating or demolishing the structure, read this Historic District Property Owner’s Guide to help you learn about your rights and responsibilities.
  • Any change to the exterior of a building in the Historic District requires a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) issued by the Historic District Board of Review. Take advantage of Cornerstone’s FREE service in helping you apply for a COA.

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