This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, in any particular order, or to be viewed as an endorsement. It is highly recommended that you visit completed projects, talk with property owners about their experience, obtain recommendations, and ask for certification of appropriate licenses and bonding before you consider asking for a bid. New entries are always welcome

  • Pikes Tree Care, Landscaping
    Madison, IN 47250   812-273-0730  812-599-6128
  • Jackson’s Tree Service
    8220 N. Middle Fork Road, Dupont, IN
  • Enviroscape
    John Bruns
    930 Industrial Drive, Madison, IN
  • Raise the Bar Tree Service, LLC.
    Brent, Derk, & Jared Napier
    3750 N500 W, Madison, IN
    812-292-5209   812-701-8697
  • Darrin Rubino, Professor of Biology- dendrochronology
    Hanover College
    P.O. Box 108, Hanover, IN 47243

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