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Cornerstone Society, Inc.
Established 1988

The Cornerstone Society was begun by a group of citizens concerned for the preservation of original structures, monuments and historical streetscapes of Madison, Indiana.  In 1988, Madison was besieged with plans for new construction of inferior and insensitive design and threatened with demolition of significant original structures. This caused great concern to many citizens who both loved and respected the historical heritage and unique qualities of this town.  Although the Jefferson County Historical Society and Historic Madison, Inc. had been the primary organizations influencing Madison's historic future, it was deemed necessary to form a third organization primarily concerned with preservation.

The first meeting was called by these concerned citizens and their friends to formulate a strategy to not only preserve, but to educate and cultivate an appreciation of this vast historical treasure.  We felt someone had to become caretakers for what our forefathers had passed on to us.

We formed committees to research, to educate and to promote our cause.  The name, Cornerstone, was selected for our society at the third meeting.  These first meetings were held in the basement of the First Christian Church which became our meeting area until December of 1989 when the church burned.  Meetings after that date were held in private homes and later at the fellowship hall in St. Michael's church.

From the beginning, Cornerstone became not only a policy maker, but active and constructive doers.  Projects like planting John Paul Park in the spring and decorating the River Front at Christmas became Cornerstone's projects.

Saving the Wilson building, 214 East Third Street, and the restorations of Rite-Aid, which is now Madison Mercantile, are monumental achievements accomplished in the formulating years of Cornerstone.  A great deal has been accomplished over the past five years and hopefully there will be much more to be proud of in future endeavors.

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